Kitchen refurbishment

The kitchen has seen its fair share of investment this year. So far this year we have purchased a new Rational combi oven, new carvery units and a new gas range. Our new high-speed oven literally arrived last week; this is being tried and tested as we speak. Watch this space for some new menu items coming your way. The investment so far this year has been £25,000.

This week the kitchen is closed so that we can replace the kitchen floor. We will be installing a resin flooring system, closing off the kitchen door nearest to the bar, changing the remaining kitchen door to fully glazed. The cost of this is £20,000.

On Monday the kitchen engineers were on site by 8am and they stripped and removed all equipment to a container in the car park. By lunchtime on Monday the flooring company were on site to start removing the floor. We have 3 layers of vinyl to remove. The new resin floor will be sealed to the original concrete floor.  The work will involve 3 late nights working to midnight.

By the end of Thursday the new floor will be laid. On Friday the kitchen engineers will be back on site to reinstall all equipment into the kitchen.

By the end of November, we will have invested £45,000 into the kitchen, to keep it modern with the latest requirements.

A late edition On Thursday, have a look at the photo below, it shows a very nice image of what our new floor will look like.


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