Enhancing enjoyment & safety for everyone

To enhance both your enjoyment & safety please take time to read the following course safety information.

New to golf or Ombersley Golf Club?

  • Be sure to read and understand this information
  • Additional information is posted on the clubhouse exit to the 1st tee and in relevant places around the course for your safety.
  • Advice is always available from staff and also lessons are available on every aspect of golf.

Golfers safety guidelines

  • Once you exit the doors to the 1st tee you are on a live golf course. Be vigilant for flying golf balls.
  • Stand a safe distance away from other golfers, when you or they are preparing to take a swing.
  • Only hit your ball when you are confident that any golfers ahead are out of range.
  • Be especially careful if you have to venture onto an adjoining fairway to retrieve your ball of the danger of golfers close by who may be hitting towards you.
  • Shout FORE! if you drive further than expected, hit a wayward shot or if golfers ahead suddenly become visible.
  • Upon hearing FORE take cover where possible and protect your head with your arms.
  • Always wear proper golf footwear. During winter and wet conditions, hard spikes are recommended.

Information sign 1st tee

  • Please help us to maintain good playing conditions for all golfers by observing the following points.
  • Replace all divots & repair pitch marks.
  • Smooth all bunkers.
  • Avoid slow play.
  • One bag of clubs per player (no sharing).
  • Do not wheel trolleys onto Greens or Tees.
  • No caddies or walkers.
  • Observe our dress code.
  • Drive golf buggies with care.
  • Thank you. Have a great round

Green keepers have priority on the golf course

  • The greens staff endeavour to present the course in prime playing condition for your enjoyment whilst also trying to minimise any hold ups to players.
  • Please assist us in our endeavours by playing in a considerate manner.
  • Always remember that green keepers have priority on the course and that players must not play a shot knowing that there are staff within the intended flight of the ball.
  • Keep clear of working machines and please understand that, because of noise, machine operators will not always be aware of a player’s presence.
  • The Golf Etiquette section of the Rules of Golf states the position with regard to dangerous or aggressive play and the Club will take a strong position in any cases of alleged infringements that could cause injury.

Be aware of footpath users

  • Be aware and to footpath users crossing 4th,6th,8th,14th,15th fairways.
  • Extra care should be taken with footpath users as they will likely not be familiar with golf etiquette or the direction from which golf balls are likely to be coming.

Avoid slow play

  • Early players dictate the pace, and so have a certain amount of responsibility. If you request early tee times, please aim to play your round at a good pace.
  • Always play “ready golf”. Get to the tee/your ball and be ready to go as soon as it’s your turn. Make being “ready” your number one priority today!
  • One practice swing is enough.
  • If there is any chance your ball may be lost, play a provisional.
  • Place your golf bag on the side of the green closest to the next tee.
  • Call players behind through as soon as it becomes clear you cannot find your ball.
  • Mark your card when it’s not your turn.
  • Our PGA Professionals offer special priced lessons on “shot preparation & thought process” to help you prepare for a better outcome.

Code of practice for bad weather conditions to include thunder, lightening, ice, fog and reduced visibility

  • Whilst the course may remain open we would like to remind players that weather is changeable and you have a duty of care to protect yourself.
  • As reflected in “The Rules Of Golf”, players should be aware that although bad weather in itself is not a reason for discontinuing play common sense should be used.
  • If there is a real danger of lightening then play should be discontinued and resumed once it has passed. Ombersley Golf Club does not have a lightening warning system.
  • Follow this link to read RoSPA advice on lightening https://www.rospa.com/leisure-safety/advice/lightning/
  • If fog is present, or at anytime when visibility is poor, it is the responsibility of all golfers on the course to ensure that they play in a manner appropriate for the conditions.
  • Golfers need to ensure that the intended landing place of the ball can be seen from the point where the shot is taken without endangering anyone.
  • Do remember that fog cover and ice can be patchy and may even worsen when play is in progress and it is your responsibility to play safely.
  • If you are in any doubt about the conditions and your safety you should discontinue play and return to the clubhouse.

Hire of motorised golf buggies

  • Be sure you read and understand the conditions of hire as shown on the clubhouse health & safety noticeboard by the 1st tee exit and adhered to each buggy.
  • Only holders of a current full UK car driving licence, who are not banned from driving can hire golf buggies.
  • Drive buggies steadily in a manner which is both safe and protects the condition of the course.
  • Ask a member of staff you are not totally confident in how to drive a golf buggy safely.
  • Do not drive buggies onto any steep slopes or gradients and specifically the surrounds to the 16th green.
  • Disabled users who are operating buggies in adverse conditions (when course damage could occur and general hire is not available) should drive in the short rough grass to the side of the fairway.
  • Hirers undertake that the buggy will be driven by the hirer and under no circumstances by anyone without a current full driving licence.
  • The club does not accept liability for damage or personal injury to any passengers or other persons whilst the buggy is in the care of the hirer.
  • The hirer of the buggy shall be liable for any damage or injury caused by negligent operation.
  • The golf buggy shall only be used within the designated areas of the club.
  • The golf buggy shall carry a maximum of two persons and two golf bags.
  • Immediately on completion of the round the buggy shall be returned to the collection point and the keys returned to the shop.
  • Any incident or damage must be reported to an official of the golf club.
  • If any breach of the above conditions causes our insurances to be invalidated the hirer will be personally liable for all damage and costs sustained by the golf club and by third parties.
  • Anyone hiring a buggy will be deemed to have accepted these conditions and to have been instructed or be knowledgeable in the operational and safety procedures required to operate the buggy and to indemnify Ombersley Golf Club from any and all liability that may result from the operation of this buggy.

Driving range safety

  • Take care to play your longest shots within the boundary fence line and away from 1st fairway.
  • Be aware of wind direction.
  • All non strikers must remain behind the safety line.
  • Never walk onto grass in front of mats.
  • Anyone suspected of foul or inconsiderate play will be asked to leave the range.
  • Only one person per bay.
  • Please return baskets to dispenser after use
  • For assistance visit the golf shop or ring 01905 620747.

Dress code

  • Dress should be respectable at all times.
  • No denims, tracksuits or collarless T-shirts.
  • Only golf shoes or trainers to be worn on the course.
  • Only tailored shorts with socks permitted.

Liability and insurances

  • The proprietors, management and staff accept no responsibility or liability for any loss, injury or damage incurred whilst at Ombersley Golf Club
  • Protect yourself from an injury or damage claim by obtaining a specialist Public Liability, Accidental Damage and Personal Accident Insurance Policy.
  • Details available in the golf clubhouse.

Incident Reporting

  • Should you experience any incident or near miss on the golf course or driving range please notify Nigel Dowty at n.dowty@ombersleygolfclub.co.uk so that the appropriate action can be taken.

Safe Guarding Policies

Please click here to read about our safe guarding and policy procedures.
Please click here to read our children and young persons safe guarding policy

Contact details of our welfare officer are on the last page.
Contact details for our welfare officer are here.