• Custom Golf Clubs

    • Your swing didn't come off a production line - neither should your clubs!

      For the serious golfer, a visit to our Ping in-house fitting centre really is the best way to buy your golf clubs. Ping combines the highest level of custom fit service with the best club components at very affordable prices.

      But do custom clubs make a difference? Quite simply and categorically, yes! If your clubs are not fitted to suit your swing and other features, you can loose significant distance, consistency, strike and direction.

    • The fitting process

      The fitting process for a set custom golf clubs would begin by assessing the key characteristics of your body and swing in order to calculate a set of club specifications that will maximise the potential from their action. We would also ask you about your handicap, ability, bad shot, favourite/worse club, strengths, weaknesses and goals. The answers to these questions would influence the clubs and options we recommend.

      Watch PGA Professional Jamie Hodges take you through the detailed process in the slideshow below.

    • 1. Static fitting

      The process starts with a static fitting to obtain your height, wrist-to-floor, hand and longest finger size, which will all be used in the initial calculations.

      2. Wrist to floor measurement

      Your height and wrist-to-floor measurement is the most important calculation of the static fitting. This will identify the ideal length and lie you should first try.

      3. Club head selection

      Club head selection will be dictated by your handicap, ability and game. Your height and wrist-to-floor measurements also provide a range of lie angles for you to test on the range.

      4. Shaft selection

      Initial questioning will also inform the best shaft materials to try and what flex will be the most suitable for you. Again, a number of options will be tested for the best results.

      5. Grip selection

      Suitable grips are now selected, based on your hand and longest finger size, and personal preference.

      6. Initial assembly

      A set of club and shaft combinations will then be made up using fitting systems from Ping, Titleist & Callaway. These enable you to try every option before committing to a purchase.

      7. Dynamic fitting

      A dynamic fitting takes place in our covered driving range. This is crucial as your swing may produce results that differ from the static fitting projections.

      8. Testing

      We'll then ask you to take a number of shots off a strike board with the clubs made up during the static fitting process.

      9. Fine tuning

      The marks on the lie tape will indicate whether each club is too flat, too upright or perfect. We'll keep changing the lie until the lie angle is correct.

      10. Sky Track analysis

      All shots are also analysed using the SkyTrak launch monitor. This takes pictures of every hit to identify your best performing clubs and take the guess work out of club tuning.

    • No-obligation consultation

      If you have any questions about the fitting process, or how a set of custom golf clubs could improve your game, the professionals at Ombersley will be glad to advise you. Send us your questions via the enquiry form.

      Better still, why not let one of our custom fit specialists to assess your golf swing? Call the golf shop on 01905 620747 and book a no-obligation consultation today.