How do I…

When you’re new to golf, there’s so much to find out. Here are some of the most popular questions we get asked. For anything else you’d like to know, however small, please don’t hesitate to drop into the shop or call us on 01905 620747 during daylight hours.

How fit should I be?

There is no certain fitness level needed. The best thing about golf is that it will actually improve your fitness. The game is great exercise and a fantastic way of combining enjoyment and improving your health.

How old is too old?

Never too old, the great thing about golf is that everyone can compete and get some enjoyment out of the game! The handicap system allows older golfers to compete against some of the top golfers in the country still!

How old do children need to be?

We do not work to a certain age policy but all we ask is that the child is able to hold some sort of attention span, not for a long time necessarily but if they are walking and talking then no age is too young!

Can I bring my son/daughter?

Yes, by all means, bringing other family members is a great way to learn and so much fun. this way you can enjoy learning all the elements of golf, together!

How much does it cost to get started?

Initially, NOTHING. We will introduce YOU to this wonderful game of golf for £0.00, from here we can then answer any questions you have about taking it further, or, you may decide it’s not for you?

How do I dress?

At first there is no dress code as a lot of the early coaching will be undertaken on the range and other practice areas, simply wear something you feel comfortable in and that is suitable for doing outdoor sports

Do I need my own equipment?

No, we can provide all suitable equipment that you need to get started as well as give you the best advice for when you think you might want to make a purchase.

How do I get a golf lesson?

The Glenister Golf Academy offers 3 instructors for you to choose from. Simply call 01905 620747, or drop in, and any member of staff will book a time that’s convenient to you with your chosen professional.