Everything you need to know about handicaps

Whether you are new to golf, or have been playing the game for years, getting your head around the WHS handicap system can be tricky!

This page is designed to provide you with information, and helpful tips to make it that bit easier.

If you have any handicap queries, please email our dedicated handicap secretary Gill Clayton. Alternatively, as always, the team in the shop will be happy to help, or to suggest you contact Gill where necessary.

What is WHS?

The World Handicapping system was developed to enable players of all abilities to compete on a fair and equal basis, in any format, on any course in the world. Any player who wishes to, can obtain a handicap index, which will be representative of their golfing ability.

For more information, please visit the WHS website, where you can find helpful videos explaining the various components of the WHS.

How do I gain a handicap index?

Under the WHS, a player may obtain an initial handicap index once they have submitted scores from 54 holes of golf.

These scores must be verified by another player with an official handicap index. Please keep hold of your scorecards until you have completed the 54 holes, then staple them together before placing them in the relevant handicap box (staff in the shop are more than happy to show you where these are if you are unsure).

The handicap secretary will then process the scores and get in contact with you to confirm your handicap index and how to get set up to use the WHS and England Golf apps.

Ombersley Golf Club WHS committee

The following individuals are members of the WHS committee and can assist with any queries:

  • Gill Clayton (Handicap secretary)
  • John Ashman
  • Gemma Glenister
  • Andy Wright
  • Dave Mitcham
  • Phil Pomeroy

Keep an eye on this page for helpful hints and tips which will be added regularly. You can also keep up to date with any changes by visiting the England Golf website.

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