• Club captains & committees

    • Club structure

      Ombersley is a proprietary golf course, owned and operated by the family business John Dowty Ltd.

      Ombersley has a Club with a very strong and thriving membership. The objective of the Club is to do everything it can to promote golf at Ombersley for the enhancement and enjoyment of its members.

    • The committee

      The Club is represented by a committee which usually consists of 12 members who meet monthly. The proprietor’s management team also attend monthly meetings and both the proprietors and the membership benefit from the strong links maintained via the general committee.

    • Due to the very busy nature of club life at Ombersley there are also sub committees run by the ladies and men which handle the intricacies of their own sections

      In 2015 Roy Crowe retired after 19 years on the committee as Chairman and was made honorary life president of the club in recognition of his most valuable contributions during his term of office.



      Welcome from your new captains

    • Steve Tustin (Men’s Captain)

      Before I tell you about myself, I would like to thank a few people. Susan, my wife, for putting up with golf, Dave Bradshaw for choosing me as vice captain and now captain and the Dowty family for allowing me to be men's captain, which makes me very proud.

      I joined Ombersley Golf Club about 6 years ago after playing cricket for Ombersley and rugby for Worcester for 25 years a s a player and then captain. I have been a builder for the last 35 years. Now golf. My intention is not to try and change anything, just make sure we all have a happy and successful year.

    • Rose Evans ( Ladies’ Captain)

      I am an accountant by qualification but during my working life I taught accountancy and taxation to aspiring accountants. I took up golf in order to have an activity I could do in retirement. Since I started playing regularly in 2013 I have discovered that golf is not merely an activity but a passion and I have found a competitive instinct that I never knew that I had!

      We are lucky at Ombersley to have such a large and welcoming Ladies section. I am honoured to be taking on the position of Lady Captain and hope that this year we will continue to grow our numbers and all have lots of fun!

      Outside of golf I volunteer at major sporting events and have been lucky enough to volunteer at events including the London 2012 Paralympics, the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, the 2015 Rugby World Cup and the 2019 Cricket World Cup. I also enjoy going on cruise holidays.

      I look forward to working with the other section captains to make this a great golfing year!

    • Adrian Thompson (Senior Men’s Captain)

      Born in Wales, bred in Yorkshire, trained in Birmingham and worked in  Worcester from 1972.

      Took up golf at 20, gave up at 30 with sailing taking over. Dusted my clubs off in 2006 and started playing regularly in 2016.

      Looking forward to my year as Senior Captain with a degree of trepidation but will do my best to ensure the membership is happy.

    • The elected Committee members for the 2019/20 membership year are as follows:

      • Chairman: Andrew Mawby
      • Men's Captain: Dave Bradshaw
      • Men's Vice Captain: Steve Tustin
      • Lady Captain: Val Chapman
      • Ladies' Vice Captain: Rose Evans
      • Senior’s Captain: Colin Thomas
      • Senior’s Vice Captain: Adrian Thompson
      • Treasurer: Bernard Gray
      • Assistant Treasurer: Pauline Bryant
      • Secretary: John Ashman
      • Handicap Secretary: Phil Pomeroy
      • Juniors Representative: Paul Slavin