• Course manager report number 4 by Andrew Halfpenny

    • Here we are heading towards the end of February. 84mm of rain was recorded in January. We have just had the coldest week of the winter with temperatures not getting above 1 degrees during the day, for the whole week, with some really hard frosts at night. Add the wind chill on to that, and on the top of a hill it was mighty cold. Who would of thought as we get towards the end of the month we now have daily temperatures above 10 degrees.

      We have Terraspiked the greens earlier in the year, with 12mm tines. The frost has done a wonderful job getting down the tine holes and opening up the whole profile. This is one of the benefits of the course being closed, normally we would use 8mm tines. That way the green is back in play quicker, but you don’t get the benefit of the frost working its way down the holes. And giving the whole green a lift.

      Chris Perkins has been busy checking the mowers over. Fairway mower and Tees mower are now completed. Most of you wouldn’t recognise Chris, he spends most of his time in the workshop, he does a wonderful job keeping our machinery going.

      Luke has been pruning. He is so happy when he has a chain saw in his hand.

      Nigel and Jake, Have spent most of there time chipping up all the branches Luke has cut down.

      Johnnie has continued his work on the patio furniture. I do worry about him sat in the corner of the shed, on his own, but he seems happy enough.

      Last week of the month. High pressure is forecast, with lots of dry weather. Boris says we can open the golf course on the 29th so lots to look forward to.