• The True Cost of Membership

    • Does the cost of your membership reflect it's true value ?

      The true value of a golf club membership is reflected in many ways such as :

      • Frequency of course closures.
      • Trolley and buggy bans.
      • Use of temporary greens.
      • Use of temporary playing surfaces.
      • Tee time availability.
      • the range of memberships offered reflecting your needs.
      • Wider member benefits and discounts.
      • Social aspects.
      • Customer service.

       Here at Ombersley Golf Club during 2015

      • we were open every day.
      • proper greens of excellent quality were in use every day.
      • proper tees of excellent quality were in use every day.
      • we played off densely carpeted fairway with no plugging.
      • buggies were in use every day.
      • trollies were in use every day.
      • we were open for play all daylight hours.
      • We offer the widest range of membership options.
      • we have beautiful views, peaceful surroundings and lovely facilities.
      • and finally, enjoy the most welcoming, friendly and professional customer service.

      Visit the membership options page to find the best value golf for you!