• Return of competitive golf

    • Competitions

      We are delighted that as of today, competitive golf is now back up and running here at Ombersley Golf Club. As with everything at the moment, there are some inevitable changes to operations to ensure the health and safety of yourselves and staff members, so we have put together this post to give you an overview of what is happening.

        1. We are aiming to get sign-up sheets on the relevant notice boards around a month prior to events taking place. These sheets will be taken down for a draw to be done, 15 days before the date of the competition, so do make sure you put your name down as soon as possible.
        2. In the current climate, we understand that there may be some anxieties surrounding social distancing and keeping to “bubbles” which have been formed as restrictions have been relaxed. You are more than welcome to put a bracket around the names of your bubble to ensure you will be drawn together, but please be aware that single players may be added alongside you if your bubble is only a 2 or a 3.
        3. There will be a 2’s competition running in each event. A £2 entry fee will go towards golf balls, which will be shared amongst those who have entered and scored a 2 on any hole. This is optional.
        4. Entry money will be paid into a sealed box in the starter’s hut. Please ensure you have the correct amount, as change will not be available.
        5. SCORECARDS – Please mark your OWN scorecard. Place your own score in Column A. The person who you would normally have swapped cards with should be recorded in Column D (Marker’s score). At the end of the round the two players should check the cards to agree the scoring is correct. If agreed, each player should sign their own card, as confirmation that the scores are correct, and place them in the box as normal.
        6. BUNKERS – While Covid 19 measures are in force players may adopt the ‘pick and place within 6 inches rule’. Bunkers are in play and this is a temporary local rule for pick and place. The distance for preferred lies in the bunker is limited to 6 inches not nearer the hole and the ball must remain in the bunker. The player may choose not to take this option and play the ball as it lies. Please remember to use your foot to smooth your footprints and playing marks to help the players following after you.


      Thank you all for your continued support and cooperation as we make adjustments to allow us all to continue to play the game we love (and sometimes hate!).