• GREENKEEPING DIARY, By Andrew Halfpenny

    • GREENKEEPING DIARY, By Andrew Halfpenny

      The new year started badly for us, with 4 inches of snow. The lads worked hard on the Monday to get the course ready for play, only later that evening to be plunged into lockdown3.

      Johnnie has started sanding and staining tee plaques. He has also spent time, finding balls that have gone over the back of the range fence and unplugging balls off the driving range. So far he has managed to find lots and lots of balls. Guess how many. You would be surprised!

      Nigel is now back at work.  His first job back at work, was to maintain and tidy the car park.

      We haven’t had chance to do much on the course, we have had frost most nights. There have been a couple of good frosts with temperatures down as low as -5. With temperatures that low the frost really penetrates the greens. So we will have to wait for the greens to thaw before we can aerate.

      With the greens being covered with snow for a week it is an ideal opportunity for disease to creep in, which it did in the form of snow mould. This will need to be treated once we can get onto the greens.