• Final lockdown report from Andrew Halfpenny (Apologies for the late publication!)

    • Where have the past three months gone?  Next week we are looking forward to welcoming you all back to the golf club.  March is going to be a pretty dry month overall only 13mm of rain so far I’m sure we will get more before the end of the month. To find a March this dry we have to go back 9 years to March 2012 with 16mm. All the dry weather has been a great opportunity for us to get plenty done on the golf course. There is no doubt that Spring is arriving very early this year.

      Luke and Jake have removed the bunker on the 15th fairway and turfed the back of the first tee. They have also put a drain in on the boot cleaner, so you can wash your shoes and trollies. There next job is to erect two rugby posts on the range and other targets and some new litter bins on the course.


      Nige and Johnnie have spent there time mowing the course. Greens are now being hand cut. Tees, Aprons , surrounds and Fairways are all being mown weekly with rough being cut every two weeks. As time goes on I’m sure the frequency of cutting will increase.


      Postie has been in and washed all the buggies, so they are all ready to go on Monday.


      I hope you have all enjoyed my little reports, It will be great seeing you all back on the course, and we are looking forward to holding you all up on the fairways. Haha!!