• Course Manager Diary no. 3 by Andrew Halfpenny

  • January finished on rather a wet note, with 84mm of rain recorded. 43mm of that fell in the last week. That’s 18mm more than last year and the wettest January for 5 years. The course is taking the rain very well, with only the usual wet areas, and you know where they are!

    Its always nice to see the first snow drops out at this time of year. Some say it’s the first signs of spring, but spring always seems to take a long time to arrive.

    The first week of February is now behind us, it was rather mild with 18mm of rain. As we head towards the second week, some forecasts are predicting the coldest snap of the winter. We will have to wait and see.

    Nigel has managed to get the greens cut again on the 1st February. That is the only mowing that has been done. Its always difficult at this time of year trying to maintain the course, its either frosty or to wet.

    Luke, Jake and Nigel have spent most of there time pruning trees and chipping up all the branches. They have lots more to do, but they are slowly chipping away at it.

    Johnnie, Has got all the Tee plaques stained and ready to go out. He has now started on the patio furniture. I have decided that he had spent far to long in the corner of the shed, and he needs to get out on the course more. So he has started to edge bunkers.

    Chris Perkins has started to overhaul the mowers. Each machine is looked at and any worn parts are replaced.