• Preparations to an eventual return to normality

    • So much has happened so quickly that I’m sure many of you, like us, are working hard to keep abreast of everything.

      Whilst keeping everyone safe from COVID-19 is the key priority, each individual has their own additional concerns. These vary greatly from concerns about succumbing to the virus through to wider worries about jobs and paying mortgages.

      In the grand scheme of the things playing golf is a minor concern.

      Despite the above truth, the great majority of us are sociable beings and we depend upon our networks of friends and acquaintances to help maintain our balance in life whilst keeping fit and active through a shared sport.

      Ombersley Golf Club means a lot to many people because we happen to provide the environment where many golfers have made new friends and where companionship and the enjoyment of the sport of golf takes place both competitively and socially.

      Again, non of this is important today, but it is good to have positive aspects of life to look forward to in due course.

      For those of us involved in operating the golf club there are still things to be done.

      A few key staff are allowed to be at work, whilst the vast majority are at home. The staff at home are all retained on our payroll with the support of the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme.

      We are only as good as our staff. We are blessed with a strong team of people, who always do their upmost to look after you in all respects when you are here at the club.

      In short, everyone and everything at Ombersley Golf Club is being looked after and we shall be here to welcome you and to offer the same level of service as always once life returns to relative normality.

      We’ll continue to keep in touch with everyone during this lockdown.

      Stay safe everyone

      With best wishes,

      Rob Dowty, on behalf of the Directors of Ombersley Golf Club