• Keeping The Course In Great Condition

    • Head Greenkeeper Andrew Halfpenny and Greenkeeper Luke Blount remain at work whilst the course is closed.

      Our aim is to have the course in the best possible condition for when you return.

      With this in mind we’re currently able to get on and do essential work whilst the course is empty. All the greens are being vertidrained right now and this will greatly enhance them.

      One bright side in the current lockdown is that the course is getting a long  rest which it has never experienced since it was built 30 years ago.

      The absence of traffic over the greens just enables them to grow and recover from the recent wet weather stresses much more quickly than would otherwise be the case.

      You may be wondering how we can maintain the course so well with two greens staff when there are usually six of them working hard. Simply,

      • when there are no golfers on the course the work can be done far more quickly.
      • some of the work such as raking bunkers and moving the holes does not need to be done.
      • Maintaining a golf course in prime condition is different to presenting it for play. Grass on the greens can be allowed to grow a little longer and we don’t need to run over greens and fairways just to strip them up.