• Car park improvements and new boundary hedge

    • Welcome to the New Year. Some of you will have seen that in the 1st week of January  we have improved and renewed the drainage in the bottom end of the car park.

      This job then expanded into the hedge along side the path between the 9th and 10th. Much of the old hedge was dead or dying and this, along with linked health and safety aspects with the taller bits of dying hawthorn, are the  reasons we’ve removed it all. Much of the remaining colour was provided by the ivy in it and not by the living hedge and it would only continue to deteriorate and die.

      We will be replacing this hedge directly with a laurel hedge, similar to those on the golf course. Laurel has several  advantages including the fact that it is fast growing and also evergreen, thus providing year round colour and protection.

      The trees which we planted between the barns and the car park to provide protection (and which are growing well) have impacted on the hedge, but certainly the old hawthorn has deteriorated a lot recently.

      Whilst working in the car park the fence by the 1st tee has been repaired.