• Membership Statement January 2021

    • We are writing  to clarify the situation regarding Ombersley Golf Club membership fees during the series of lockdowns during the 2020-21 membership year.


      Credits For 2020-21 Membership Fees in Relation to:

      • Lockdown 1:The 7 week lockdown between March & May 2020
      • Lockdown 2:The 4 week lockdown during November 2020

      You may recall that we issued a statement on 31.03.20 in which we promised to credit membership fees pro rata for the 1st lockdown period. (This superseded our initial offer to freeze 2021-22 subscriptions at 2020-21 rates for existing members once it transpired that lockdown was going to last longer than initially expected).

      We then also made the same offer to credit membership fees pro rata during the 2nd lockdown period of 4 weeks in November.


      All members benefit from the same offer terms and once all credits have been resolved the outcome will be that no member will have paid any membership subscription for the above periods of closure.


      Members paying monthly by direct debit  will have paid for the last week in March and all of April. This is to be credited and we shall make the appropriate fee adjustment at the start of the 2021-22 membership year to allow for this.

      Members paying monthly by direct debit made no payments during the month of May.

      In lockdown 2 in November 2020 when we were closed, we didn’t collect any direct debit payment.  This lockdown was from 5th November to 1st December.

      Across these 2 lockdowns there is a credit of 17 days to account for. This constitutes the balance of lockdowns 1 and 2.


      Members who paid in full at the beginning of the 2020-21 membership year will only pay for a 41 week membership year in 2021-22


      There are a number of individual anomalies making the exercise of adjusting membership fees quite time consuming. For example, some newer members who have only joined in more recent months require individual calculations. Equally, some existing members chose to cancel their direct debit temporarily during closure which caused problems of a different kind for us to resolve.

      Flexy members and corporate members will have their expiry date of points extended.


      Please bear with us while we deal with these anomalies on a case-by-case basis.



      Membership Fees During  Lockdown 3 : The January/ February 2021 Lockdown.

      During the first two lockdown periods which extended to 11 weeks we issued statements reflecting the fact that (through adjustments to direct debits and 2021-22 subscriptions) we would ensure that there would be a pro rata reduction in membership fees for the periods of closure.


      So far, no other golf club (whether private or proprietary) has supported its members more than we have done at Ombersley. Most golf clubs asked for full or amended membership fees to be paid throughout these lockdown periods.

      Beyond the effects of COVID, members at some of the wetter courses have suffered tremendously this last 12 months as they have not only been paying  full  membership fees throughout but have also had very lengthy periods of closure due to weather.

      To date our members have enjoyed maximum opportunities for play along with no membership fee being payable during closure.


      Periods of lockdown are extremely costly to a golf club because many expenses continue during lockdown. For example, we continue to pay to maintain and to enhance the golf course and to pay a considerable wage bill.  If we were just operating an office we could close our doors and use the furlough scheme to support staff.

      For these reasons we are asking our members to support us by continuing to pay their subscriptions during this new lockdown period.

      We have spoken with Club Chairman Andrew Mawby about this matter and we have his understanding and support.

      Your support at this time would also be very much appreciated.


      If you are happy and able to support us you need do nothing.

      If you are unable to support us or do not wish to, please email n.dowty@ombersleygolfclub.co.uk stating that you do not wish to pay your  subscription during lockdown and your direct debit will be amended accordingly.

      (Please do not just cancel your direct debit as this makes more work for us and your membership benefits will cease. Just email us and we will make any collection amendments)



      With very best wishes to you and our thanks for your ongoing support,


      Rob. Nigel, Laureen and all the staff at Ombersley Golf Club