• Course Manager report number 5 by Andrew Halfpenny

    • Well into March now, with some lovely spring like weather at the start of the month. The course has dried up really well, giving us chance to do more course maintenance. We ended February with 44mm of rain, which is slightly below average. But much better than last year’s 97mm which was the   second wettest month of last year. The mornings and evenings are drawing out nicely now. Its amazing with just a bit of warmer weather and longer days the Hawthorn in the hedge rows are now ready to burst.


      Nige, has been out with our new rough mower. I am so impressed with this new machine, its work rate is incredible and it leaves a much better finish than our old mowers.


      Johnnie has been terraspiking the greens. This will be our last chance to get over the greens, with the larger tines, to allow enough time for the surface to settle down before we reopen, later in the month. He has also given the fairways there second cut of the year.


      We have purchased a couple of hand mowers to use on the greens during the winter, instead of the ride on triple. We have only just started to use them. In this short time, I have noticed it is making a big improvement to the putting surface. It makes such a difference not leaving wheeling’s on the greens.


      Luke and Jake have now finished the tree pruning and chipping of the branches. I have hired in a stump grinder to take the stumps down below the surface.