• Is there a GAP in your bag?

    • Time to fix it.......
      GAPR™ introduces a new category of golf club, designed to fill the gap between your longest playable iron and your shortest metalwood.
      Featuring three unique shapes (GAPR™ HI, MID, and LO), you can choose your preferred head design to bridge the gap in your long game.

      Each GAPR™ club benefits from TaylorMade's revolutionary SpeedFoam™ technology, which has been injected into each clubhead to
      enhance ballspeed and feel—delivering performance unlike any other utility club.

      Our easily adjustable Loft Sleeve™ provides even more options to tweak the loft, lie, and trajectory to find your perfect GAPR™ distance.
      Use the Loft Sleeve™ to dial in your yardage and/or make subtle adjustments as your swing evolves.

      Speed Pocket™ technology in each GAPR™ model produces hotter launch conditions for enhanced distance, forgiveness, and playability
      on low-face strikes.

      GAPR HI
      • Low-back CG for extreme distance with a high trajectory
      • Most traditional hybrid shaping
      • Dropped crown contour for lower CG and improved alignment

      GAPR MID
      • Ultra-low CG for extreme distance with a mid-high trajectory
      • Iron-inspired face profile to inspire confidence
      • Medium-wide sole for ease of play and versatility

      GAPR LO
      • Low-forward CG for extreme distance with a penetrating trajectory
      • Smaller, "players" profile for excellent shot-shaping and workability
      • Mid-thin sole width provides maximum versatility and flight control

      Only £229 or £195 (when the FULL membership discount is applied)
      If you have any questions regarding to new Taylormade GAPR clubs, our shop staff team would be happy to assist you.