• Tree Planting on the Course

    • Addition of new trees
    • If you’ve been on the course this week you’ll have noticed the greens team planting some nice feathered whips.
      The photograph here shows Luke Blount planting one between the 13th and 18th fairways.
      As we move forwards we’re also introducing a greater variety of flowering trees onto the course which will add colour and interest. We have a number of cherry trees to include wild, plum and standard varieties along with some limes and other new additions to the course such as Red Oaks.
      Some of the new trees will replace others which have been lost.
      One species of tree which has been problematic for a range of reasons is the white poplar. These trees are shallow rooting which has caused two key problems. First, quite a number of them are not growing upright as a result of winds blowing from the South West over the years and, second, the shallow roots are now exposed above ground causing a lot of issues with the mowers hitting them. By coincidence, it is also the white poplar which causes golfers most headaches in the Autumn as fallen leaves look very much like golf balls, thus increasing search time. Over time we expect to be able to reduce the number of this species in favour of more appropriate replacements.